BCALA Stands in Solidarity with Families and Victims of the  Mass Shooting in Buffalo, New York

The Black Caucus of the American Library Association stands united in solidarity with the families of those who were murdered in the recent mass shooting in Buffalo, New York. We abhor this horrific, racially motivated hate crime targeting African-American citizens going about their daily lives, providing for their families.  Violence on this scale against people of color has become so commonplace in its frequency as to seem unavoidable and unpreventable. However, BCALA will not be deterred. We will continue to harness the full power of libraries to strive for peace individually and collectively through our voices, our advocacy and our vote. Rather than be paralyzed by trauma, we must awaken our hearts and minds to uplift one another. BCALA Leadership will reach out to the Merriweather Library of the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library to offer BCALA’s unfailing support.

We must use our indignation to propel us forward, drawing inspiration from the police officers, and first responders who mobilized quickly to protect those viciously attacked in Buffalo. We must not become apathetic to these tragic incidents, but ever-vigilant in our struggle to demand peace, new gun laws, stricter policies against hate speech and mental health intervention for the benefit of all citizens, especially those facing systemic inequality.

As we grieve with the City of Buffalo, and other communities impacted by recent atrocities against People of Color, such as Koreatown of Dallas Texas and Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods, California we do so knowing that an attack on one community is an attack on us all. As an organization, BCALA is committed to healing the pain and anguish of those harmed by hate and extremism. We pledge to strive to obliterate white supremacy terrorism in all its forms: assaults on our history, our bodies, and on our communities. We assert indefatigably that Black Lives Matter. In this moment of unspeakable loss, we stand strong with the City of Buffalo to advocate for the advancement of public safety, peace and justice.

The Officers and Members of The Black Caucus of the American Library

In 1970, BCALA began its mission to serve as an advocate for the development,
promotion and improvement of library services and resources to the nation’s
African American community; and provides leadership for the recruitment and
professional development of African Americans. BCALA is comprised of individual
members and affiliates throughout the United

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