Hope for Haiti

Hello Colleagues,

Our brothers & sisters in Haiti have been devastated by 7.2 magnitude earthquake. With the death tolls rising every hour, we must offer support at this time. Along with your prayers, please consider donating to one of these Haitian Relief Organizations:

CORE Response
Hope for Haiti
Direct Relief


  • Contribute to well-known organizations like those listed above.
  • Avoid unfamiliar agencies and websites. Just hours after Haiti‚Äôs earthquake hit in 2010, there were several domain names wth “Haiti” and “Relief” that were taken, according to media coverage at the time.
  • Websites like charitynavigator.org offer lists of reputable organizations.
  • Be sure to avoid phone calls and e-mails that are soliciting donations.
  • Make sure to us the internet to determine if the organization is legit. Websites like greatnonprofits.org and givewell.org offer reviews of nonprofit groups, so you can see how much of your money goes directly to relief.

Set yourself on doing the good and right thing.

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