Kim McNeil Capers

2017–2019 Executive Board Member


  • Queens Library

Your Job Title:

  • Director of Community Engagement

Library type:

  • Public

Officer Seats:

  • None

Board Seat Category:

  • General

Please list all BCALA involvement:

  • Executive Board Member since 2015
  • Program Committee Member
  • Presenter at NCAAL 2015

Professional Activities & Extra-Curricular: (Volunteer, offices held, honors/awards, publications, etc.):

  • Association of Bookmobiles and Outreach Service Executive Board
  • American Red Cross Volunteer

Accomplishments / Awards & Honors: Mover and Shaker 2017

What skills/experiences make you a good candidate to be an officer of BCALA?:

  • Recruitment for more members and promoting BCALA.
  • Innovative ideas and fresh energy.

Name 3 specific things you see that need to be done to strengthen the Black Caucus?:

  • More members
  • More Visibility
  • More programming and collaborations with other affiliates.