James Allen Davis, Jr.

Executive Board Member, 2019-2021

James Allen Davis Jr. is an Adult Services Librarian for the Denver Public Library and has over 12 years of professional library experience. During his time of working for the Denver Public Library he has worked in three different positions in a library setting, as support staff he has worked in both security and circulation, which has given him the experience and wisdom he needed to become an effective and knowledgeable, professional.

James received his MLIS from Emporia State University and as a Professional Librarian, James has worked in three different branches as a Learning and Language Librarian, catering to the informational needs of three very diverse communities.

In addition, James Davis also worked as a Interim Senior Librarian for two different branches of the Denver Public Library, and as an experienced professional, James has supervised volunteers, summer youth workers and support staff. James has created poetry programs, college readiness and recently co-partnered with another colleague to create a social book group (R.A.D.A) to address prevailing issues in the communities the library serves. Today R.A.D.A. is ran by a great team of devoted group of colleagues that work together to make sure that the book discussions are impactful and relevant.