Demco Award

DEMCO / ALA Black Caucus Award for Excellence in Librarianship


This is an annual award of $500 and an engraved bronze statuette made possible by a grant from DEMCO, Inc. of Madison, Wisconsin, and presented to the librarian who has made significant contributions to promoting the status of African Americans in the library profession. Specific contributions may include, but are not limited to, research and scholarship, recruitment, professional development, planning or implementation of programs, or advocacy (public relations). DEMCO also donates an additional $500.00 each year to assist in funding the E. J. Josey Scholarship Fund.

The following librarians were awarded the DEMCO/ALA Black Caucus Award for Excellence in Librarianship:

1994 Recipient: Dr. E. J. Josey, L.H.D.
1995 Recipient: Dr. Mohammed M. Aman, Ph.D.
1996 Recipient: Dr. John Tyson, D.A.
1997 Recipient: Mr. Samuel F. Morrison
1998 Recipient: Ms. Rebecca Bingham
1999 Recipient: Mr. Bobby Player
2000 Recipient: Ms. Satia Marshall Orange
2001 Recipient: Dr. Stanton Biddle, D.L.I.S.
2002 Recipient: Ms. JoAnn Mondowney
2003 Recipient: Ms. Sylvia Sprinkle-Hamlin
2004 Recipient: Ms. Kathleen Bethel
2005 Recipient: Ms. Gladys Smiley Bell
2006 Recipient: Ms. Carla Hayden, Ph.D.
2007 Recipient: Ms. Sibyl E. Moses, Ph.D.
2008 Recipient: Mr. John S. Page
2009 Recipient: Mr. Jerome Offord, Jr.
2010 Recipient: Ms. Irene Owens, Ph.D.
2011 Recipient: Ms. Pamela Goodes
2012 Recipient: Mr. Andrew Jackson
2013 Recipient: Ms. Roberta Webb
2014 Recipient: Ms. Emily Guss
2015 Recipient: Ms. Wanda Brown
2016 Recipient: Dr. Yvonne Chandler
2017 Recipient: Mr. Kelvin Watson
2018 Recipient: Ms. Fayrene Muhammad
2019 Recipient: Mr. Rudolph Clay



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