Brian Hart

Brian Hart

Brian Hart

Brian’s CV

Institution: Greensboro Public Library

Your Job Title: Deputy Director

Library type: Public Library

Officer Seats: None

Board Seat Category: General

Please list all BCALA involvement:

I have served on the BCALA Executive Board for the past two years, learning the organization’s culture, members and activities. During this time, I have helped plan a joint fundraising event for the organization and EveryLibrary, a political action committee for libraries. The fundraiser helped increase visibility for both organizations and raised funds for the Cynthia Graham Hurd Foundation for Literacy and Civic Engagement. I am currently serving as the Chair of the new BCALA Fundraising Committee and am a member of the organization’s marketing committee.
Professional Activities & Extra-Curricular: (Volunteer, offices held, honors/awards, publications, etc.): I have participated in many professional activities such as the ALA Emerging Leader program and the NCLA Leadership Institute. I currently serve on the Executive Board for EveryLibrary and have since 2014. I was also a member of the 2017 Caldecott Committee for the Association of Library Services for Children (ALSC).
Accomplishments/Awards & Honors: Accomplishments that I am proud of include the aforementioned professional activities (ALA Emerging Leader, NCLA Leadership Institute, Caldecott Committee etc.). I am also proud of having served in statewide library associations such as Georgia Library Association and North Carolina Library Association.

What skills/experiences make you a good candidate to be an officer of BCALA?: I believe that I have superior communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills that will help the organization build on its past and current successes.
Name 3 specific things you see that need to be done to strengthen the Black Caucus?:

  • Greater visibility/awareness of the organization beyond that which the parent organization (ALA) provides.
  • Sustainable and varied practices regarding fundraising.
  • Active recruitment of college students and young professionals to field and the organization.