BCALA carries out its work through the use of committees


Charge: Shall serve as the liaison between non-voting affiliate members in accordance with Article III, the Affiliates in accordance with Article XI, and the Black Caucus Executive Board; solicit state or local organizations of Black library and information service personnel to affiliate with the Black Caucus as Affiliates; maintain and transfer as appropriate records and files on non-voting affiliate members and Affiliates. 
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Committee Chair: Andrew P. Jackson (Sekou Molefi Baako)

ALA Relations

Charge: Shall keep abreast of ALA Council and Divisional activities, and local state, national and international legislation, as they relate to Black Caucus activities; advise the Executive Board and membership of such ALA activities and legislation that require direct input by the Black Caucus; recommend action to be taken by the Executive Board and membership on such ALA activities and legislation.

Committee Chair: Trevor Dawes

Awards Committee

Charge: In accordance with the awards manual and procedures reviewed and approved by the Executive Board, shall administer the Black Caucus awards; solicit nominations and select the recipients, and present the awards. A subcommittee of the Awards committee shall present the John C. Tyson award.

Committee Chair: John Page

Budget and Finance

Charge: Shall monitor fiscal affairs of the Black Caucus; audit the financial records submitted by the Treasurer, solicit in conjunction with the Treasurer budget request from officers and committee chairs and present a budget allocation request report to the Executive Board for review and approval at the Midwinter meeting; make recommendations to the Executive Board in all areas of financial management; participate in any fundraising activities reviewed and approved by the Executive Board.

Committee Chair: Sharon Mahaffey

Constitution and Bylaws

Charge: Shall maintain a constant review of, and issue to the membership the Constitution and Bylaws, recommend needed changes to the Executive Board and membership, and attend all Executive Board and membership meetings.

Committee Chair: Jos N. Holman

Dr. E.J. Josey Scholarship

Charge: Shall administer the Dr. E. J. Josey Scholarship and by awarding scholarships according to established criteria.

Committee Chair: Sylvia Sprinkle-Hamlin


Charge: In accordance with Article IX shall coordinate and engage in fundraising activities to support the programs and activities of the Black Caucus; coordinate fundraising activities with the Treasurer, and in conjunction with the chair of the Budget/Audit 8 Committee; solicit ideas and support for, and inform the membership of, fundraising activities, solicit donations from funding sources.

Committee Chair: Brian Hart


Charge: Shall encourage and promote research and publication on African American library history, including but not limited to the history of the Black Caucus of the American Library Association; African American librarians, information professionals, library trustees, and library workers; the creation and development of libraries and library/information services by and for African American communities; and the history of African American publishing and reference tools. Shall promote an awareness and discussion of historical issues concerning African American librarianship.

Committee Chair: Dr. Sybyl Moses

Committee Co-Chair: Eddie Hughes, III

International Relations

Charge: Shall be responsible for developing programs, exchanging information, advocating, and promoting understanding and awareness of international concerns and services as it relates to the African Diaspora to groups within ALA and outside organizations.

Committee Co-Chairs: Eboni M. Henry and Vivian Bordeaux

Literary Awards

Charge: Shall administer the Black Caucus literary awards to recognize and celebrate black authors and black literature according to established criteria.

Committee Chair: Gladys Smiley Bell

Marketing and Public Relations

Charge: Shall develop and implement a marketing plan to maximize the promotion of the Black Caucus’ mission, vision, values, news, events and more; responsible for Caucus online presence through social media outlets, and assist other committees with marketing and public relations techniques.

Committee Chairs: Jina DuVernay and Shaundra Walker


Charge: Shall develop and coordinate membership promotion activities; keep current records of membership status; recommend to the Executive Board policies relating to membership and dues; prepare a Membership database which shall be made available to members in good standing.

Committee Chair: Rudolph Clay Jr.

Committee Co-Chair: Fayrene Muhammad

National Conference

Charge: Shall coordinate the development, organization, funding, promotion and administration of the Black Caucus’ National Conference; appoint and oversee appropriate committees and subcommittees to fulfill the vision and purpose of the conference; manage program selection, activities, and events for the conference that reflect professional continuing education; manage conference functions to produce a monetary gain; and report to and operate under the authority of the Executive Board.

Committee Chair: Cyndee Sturgis Landrum and Keith Jemison

Nomination and Election

Charge: In accordance with Article V. Elections, and procedures for conducting elections reviewed and approved by the Executive Board, shall solicit nominations for office; prepare, receive and tally ballots for election; report results of elections to the Executive Board and the membership.

Committee Chair: Kelvin Watson

President’s Advisory

Charge: Shall be comprised of BCALA past-presidents, advise the President on matters of importance where the collective wisdom of the group would be important, serve a surrogate for President at affiliate or other meetings and programs; and establish and fund the President’s award.

Committee Chair: Denyvetta Davis


Charge: Shall plan and initiate programs and activities for the membership; recommend and coordinate programs that will enhance the growth, interest and informational needs of the membership.

Committee Chair: Shauntee Burnes

Committee Co-Chair: Shannon Jones


Charge: Shall coordinate and assist in the production of Black Caucus publications; solicit and prepare information for inclusion in Black Caucus publications; assist the President in preparing information for publication on the Black Caucus.

Committee Chair: Jason Alston

Recruitment and Professional Development

Charge: Shall coordinate and develop strategies for recruiting Blacks into the field of library and information science; conduct an orientation session to acquaint new or interested members with the purpose, services and programs of the Black Caucus and of ALA in general; provide information and activities to facilitate Black librarians’ professional career development; coordinate Mentoring/Coaching program and Interest Circles.

Committee Chair: Fannie Cox and Angeline Beljour

Committee Co-Chair: Brandy McNeil

Services to Children and Families of African Descent

Charge: Shall promote nationwide awareness and use of children’s and young adult literature through programming, publications, and outreach activities among librarians, parents, scholars, students, educators, and all persons who work with children of African descent; Plan and initiate programs and activities which strengthen BCALA’s visibility as a vital resource for children, and their caregivers; Promote reading and emergent literacy to parents of African descent.

Committee Chair: Karen Lemmons

Committee Co-Chair: Kirby McCurtis

Technology Advisory

Charge: Shall advocate for expanding the use of technology within the Black Caucus; provide forums for electronic communication among BCALA members; be a focal point for policy and input for information technology forums (networks, databases, etc.); advise BCALA members on current and emerging technologies that encourage development and evaluation among BCALA members; and provide a collective vision with advice on research directions using technology for Black Caucus.

Committee Chair: Jerrod Moore

Committee Co-Chair: Roosevelt Weeks