BCALA Winter 2018
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BCALANEWS Black Caucus of the American Library Association Inc.
 BCALA-CT held a successful and well-attended Meet & Greet in
James Weldon Johnson Community Library Workers Andrea McCray
December. Learn about how the
(Librarian), Courtney Shannon (Library Assistant), James Randolph
Connecticut affiliate closed 2015 in
(Security), Susan Dickson (Head Librarian), Paulette Calloway (Library
this issue of BCALA News.
Asssistant) and Drusella King Baker (Library Assistant) Pose in front of the Library’s Marquee Sign. Johnson Library Held Their 8th Annual James
Also inside, BCALA's Edi Campbell
Weldon Johnson Literacy Day in March. Read About it and More in this
tackles depictions of slavery in
Issue of BCALA News!children's literature. And much more!
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