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4 | BCALA NEWS | Volume 45, Issue 3
be hosting a yearlong 50th anniversary celebration for
BCALA...Step up and get involved.
Midterm elections are coming up... are you registered to vote? We should be on the front lines of voters registration drives.. Step up and get involved! Members are not
being promoted at work, passed over for leadership
roles, evaluated unfairly. Enhance the professional network offered to members of the library world: academic librarians, public librarians, school librarians, etc. Addressing issues and concerns regarding equity, inclusion, and diversity in a timely manner.
We will be asking questions of the policy makers and library associations... Step up and get involved
• Digitization of archives
• Emphasize the importance of transparency through my tenure as your president
• Reduce Caucus footprint during Midwinter
• Increase programs and workshops during annual conference
• Increase membership by accepting additional affiliate organizations
A) Creating school media specialist ad hoc committee to examine needs of the school media librarian, develop workshops, webinars, professional development opportunities
B) Recruiting library support staff
• Collaboration on projects with other ethnic caucuses
We encourage members to share their concerns and suggestions for a strengthened BCALA. We advocate the need for diverse collections and dialogue related to diversity in literature. We would like to strengthen professional and leadership opportunities for BCALA members.
     BCALA can only be as effective as we are informed and engaged...

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