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Message from the BCALA President
I am proud and humbled to be the president of BCALA. When I assumed the office of the president on June
24 2018, I climbed on the shoulders of five decades of service and 26
past presidents from E.J. Josey to Denyvetta Davis.
As a child, I read extensively about Louie Armstrong and New Orleans.
I fell in love with all I had read about this magical place. Throughout my life, I had many opportunities to
visit New Orleans. I turned down each opportunity. I would say,
“God has something for me in New Orleans and I will know when the time is right and then I will go to New Orleans.” When I learned I had won the BCALA presidential election and would be taking office in New Orleans, I knew it was God! We will continue our services, dedication and social responsibility to the library community at large.
BCALA serves as the civil and human rights advocate for the development, promotion, and improvement
of library and other information services and resources to the nation's
African American community.
It also provides leadership for
the recruitment and professional development of African American librarians and other information service providers and advocates.
BCALA is the pre-eminent organization serving African American librarians.
These core values are the intrinsic guiding standards and principles that collectively define and determine the character of BCALA.
• BCALA values • Advocacy
• Collaboration • Excellence
• Inclusiveness
• Integrity and Transparency • Stewardship of Resources
We have a strong and talented executive board, executive committee, committee chairs, co- chairs and members to help shape the course of the Caucus as we prepare for the next 5o years
and beyond.
Vice President Simpson will have
a visible role as vice president during my term as President. We will work as a team along with the Caucus leadership and membership. Employing transparency and inclusiveness as our measuring stick for success.
We invite each and every one of you to choose a committee or ad hoc committee and get involved. Our conference, NCAAL XI is in less than two years away; step up and get involved! Members are asking for a mentorship/partnership program... step up and get involved. We will
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