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 2 | BCALA NEWS | Volume 45, Issue 2
05 Darien, CT Librarian Receives State Honor
06 Black Caucus of the American Library Association, Inc. BCALA Literary Awards
07 Midwinter 2018 BCALA Executive Board Meeting Minutes
13 AAMLO Awarded “Recordings at Risk” Grant to Digitize Black Panther Party Films
14 Celebrating the Life of a Liberation Librarian Taneya Denyelle Gethers Muhammad
17 Tribute to a Warrior Sistah—Taneya Denyelle Gethers Muhammad
18 Formation of an Activist Book Club in East Orange
19 2nd Annual Diversity in Motion Training
OP-ED 20
21 Joining the Generations: A Proposal for Promoting Age Diversity at the Schlesinger Library
25 Are Libraries Neutral? Have they ever been? Should they be?
26 Remarks from ALA Midwinter 2018 President’s Program: Library
Neutrality is a Myth
27 Book Review: The Education of Margot Sanchez, by Lilliam Rivera
28 Can libraries be neutral? Should they strive to be neutral?
31 A Review of “When the Negro Was In Vogue” by Langston Hughes
32 Hands-On with History in San Antonio

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