BCALA Endorses Julius C. Jefferson, Jr. for ALA President, 2020-2021

BCALA Members,

It is my pleasure to announce the Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA) and its members voted during our midwinter membership meeting in Seattle to endorse Julius C. Jefferson, Jr. for ALA President, 2020-2021.

The vote was supported by the Executive Board and in compliance with the BCALA Bylaws. A petition was signed by 31 current members (verified by Membership Committee), a motion made, seconded and approved by members.

For your review, I have included Article XII: Endorsements of the BCALA Bylaws:

Article XII: Endorsements

Endorsement is defined as the Black Caucus, as a body, taking a position in support of or in opposition of a candidate for election to an American Library Association or Divisional office.

Section 1: The Black Caucus shall not engage in endorsement of any candidate for the American Library Association elected office, except as follows:

a) When petitioned by a member of the Black Caucus with 25 current members signatures.

b) When presented by a member in a motion, and seconded and approved at a membership


Section 2: A vote of the membership shall be necessary to endorse any candidate meeting the conditions on Article XII, Section 1.

Section 3: Past practices shall not be precedence. Such occasions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Julius has been an active member of BCALA serving on the BCALA Executive Board 2007-2009 and as co-chair program committee of the 8th National Conference of African American Librarians. In 2010, he received the BCALA Appreciation Award. Julius has also organized several BCALA programs including “Jump Starting Your Career through Librarian Diversity Recruitment Initiatives: Do They Live Up to the Promise?” during NCAAL VI,   “The Black Activist Librarian in the 21st Century” during NCAAL VII and “Culture Keepers: Who Are They? What Do They Do and How You Can Become One” during NCAAL VIII.

Julius is also an active member of ALA. He is currently serving is third term as an ALA Councilor at Large. He was elected to the ALA Executive Board and served from 2015- 2018. He has also served and chaired ALA Committees as well as served as President of the Freedom t Read Foundation and the District of Columbia Library Association. For more about Julius and his platform visit https://jeffersonforalapresident.com/


Richard E. Ashby, Jr.
President/ Black Caucus American Library Association