For a quarter of a century, the Black Caucus has remained diligent in its mission. Two sources of its strength have been exemplary leadership and a continuous agenda which has successfully monitored and addressed pertinent societal developments.

The outstanding presidents who have commanded and empowered the membership (in chronological order) are:

  • E.J. Josey
  • William D. Cunningham
  • James R. Wright
  • Harry Robinson, Jr.
  • Avery Williams
  • George C. Grant
  • Doreitha R. Madden
  • Robert L. Wright
  • Barbara Williams Jenkins
  • Marva L. DeLoach
  • Edith M. Fisher
  • John C. Tyson
  • D. Alex Boyd
  • Stanton F. Biddle

Laudatory advancements that were achieved by the distinguished leadership include:

  • Successfully sponsored a resolution which called for censure of libraries and/or libraries providing services or materials to racist schools established to circumvent racial integration.
  • Successfully sponsored an ALA resolution to ensure African American representation on library governing boards.
  • Passed a resolution asking libraries to seek fair employment practices from their suppliers of goods and services.
  • Adopted a resolution in support of the International Book Year aimed specifically toward African nations.
  • Inspired and supported the development of regional Black Caucuses throughout the nation.
  • Organized a task force on telecommunications.
  • Publication of a newsletter which is still in print.
  • Supported the successful campaign and election of Clara Stanton Jones as the first African American President of ALA. This support for elections continues annually as members become candidates for Council seats and other significant appointments.
  • Coordinated the exposure of the subtle and overt racist content and portrayals in the Intellectual Freedom Committee film production, "TheSpeaker".
  • Sponsored the "Booklift to West Indies College" program which produced more than 16,000 volumes and over $ 11,000.
  • Joined the National Black Leadership Roundtable which was convened by the Congressional Black Caucus.
  • Supported the successful campaign and election of E.J. Josey as the second African American President of ALA.