More laudatory advancements that were achieved by the distinguished leadership:

  • In cooperation with the U.S. Bureau of the Census, sponsored a workshop on recent development in the delivery and use of Census data and services.
  • Authorized cooperation with the Office of Library Personnel Resources to develop a proposal to recruit minorities into the profession.
  • Established the Affiliates/Chapters Committee to encourage greater involvement of chapter caucuses throughout the country.
  • Successfully coordinated the passage of a resolution to observe Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday during Mid-Winter meetings.
  • Endorsed the ALA resolution opposing the Census Bureau's plan to group all Asian and Pacific subgroups into a single category for the 1990Census.
  • Sponsored two successful national conferences in Columbus, Ohio and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Plans are underway for the third conference to be held in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1997.
  • Became an Affiliate of ALA.
  • Supported the successful campaign and election of Hardy Franklin as the third African American President of ALA.

Throughout their tenures as President, many coordinated continuing education activities for the BCALA membership.

As members reminisce about the birth of the Black Caucus, the pains of growth, the joys of success, it is important not to lose sight of the resonating "call to arms" which focused our energies and shaped our professional spirits. From the 1970 "Statement of Concern:"

"Black Librarians are especially concerned about the effects of institutional racism, poverty, the continued lack of educational, employment, and promotional opportunities upon blacks and other minorities... As black librarians, we are intensely interested in the development of our professional association and our profession. . . "

The unspoken jargon of this statement is unity and empowerment - whether deemed progressive or reactionary, it is our mission forever!

Pauletta Brown Bracy, 
School of Library and Information Science 
North Carolina Central University
June, 1995

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Written in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of BCALA. For a complete list of past chairs and presidents of BCALA, see the Past Presidents page. Last updated April 2, 2002.